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Inauguration of the soybean meal factory in Yato

First high-yield soybean meal plant in the EMCCA zone

Until 2014, soybean meal consumed in Cameroon, particularly by the poultry industry, came from abroad.

The soybean meal plant commissioned by SOPROICAM in Yato marks a decisive turning point in the supply of this highly prized product. From now on, Cameroonian farmers will have at their disposal soybean meal produced locally, from locally grown soybeans, which are also non-GMO.

The Agropole Soybean program, an integrated value chain

The Cameroonian government, through the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Land Management, has launched the Soybean Agropole program aimed at developing a value chain in the soybean sector, with the support of SOPROICAM. This initiative aims to reduce the deficit in the national trade balance, but also to accelerate second-generation agriculture.

SOPROICAM's supervision of farmers in the northern regions has helped boost soybean cultivation. It consists mainly of training workshops and assistance in the acquisition of agricultural equipment and inputs. With SOPROICAM as a partner, farmers are assured of the use of their soybean crops for processing.

A colourful ceremony

The inauguration ceremony of this soybean processing plant was an opportunity to bring together all the stakeholders involved in the development of this successful project in addition to SOPROICAM: the government, farmers, SOPROICAM, farmers and local residents.

It was therefore a question of exchanging on the successes and points of improvement to sustain the growth of the sector. His Excellency Minister Nganou Djoumessi recalled the challenges of the Agropole Programme, while the manager, Mr Diffo Raymond, underlined the difficulties in accessing adequate financing for agro-industries.

The ceremony was punctuated by entertainment from local residents, who took an active part in the environmental impact study required for the plant to be set up in the Yato locality.

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